Starting a Business/Enhancing Your Existing Business Seminar Series

Owning a business is the dream of many Americans…starting that business converts your dream into reality. But, there is a gap between your dream and reality that can only be filled with careful planning. As a business owner, you will need a plan to avoid pitfalls, to achieve your goals and to build a profitable business.
This workshop is a guide to help you prepare a comprehensive business plan and determine if your idea is feasible, to identify questions and problems you will face in converting your idea into reality and to prepare for starting your business.
Operating a successful small business will depend on: a practical plan with a solid foundation; dedication and willingness to sacrifice to reach your goal; technical skill; and, basic knowledge of management, finance, record keeping and market analysis. As a new owner, you will need to master these skills and techniques if your business is to be successful.

For further information please see the brochure 2018 Brochure-Starting a Business Seminar-February

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