2019 WI Soybean Yield Contest

The Wisconsin Soybean Association (WSA) Soybean Yield Contest is organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices that highlight the importance of using sound cultural practices in Wisconsin soybean production systems.

Contest contact: Dr. Shawn Conley 608.800.7056

Contest web page: www.coolbean.info

Contest Committee Members: Dr. Shawn P. Conley Patrick Mullooly

CONTEST DESCRIPTION Any soybean production system can enter in the contest. Two winners will be selected from each of four geographical divisions in the state. Divisions are based on long-term county soybean yield averages. WSA is not responsible for incorrect or missing entries. All rules set forth herein apply to all entries.

For further information on this contest and the entry form please to to 2019 WSMB Soybean Yield Contest

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