• 4-State Dairy Nutrition Conference April 18, 2019
      Learn the latest information in dairy nutrition and management by attending the 2019 Four-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference on June 12 and 13 at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. This premier conference will feature information on dealing with today’s economic environment and the newest research to improve profit. Elanco animal health’s […]
    • Think strategically about replacement heifer options April 16, 2019
      It’s no secret that raising replacement females can be a major expense for beef cow-calf producers. Average age to breaking even for recouping heifer development costs varies greatly, with the most efficient producers averaging 5 years of age and less efficient, 7 years or even greater. With that in mind, selecting the right number and right type of replacem […]
    • SARE now offers a podcast series April 15, 2019
      In addition to its many print publications and web resources, SARE now offers a podcast series.  Topics range from "Production on Pasture" and "Protecting Pollinators" to "Successful Food Systems" and "Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide."  Check out the full list of offerings at […]
    • Dane County Ag Staff April 9, 2019
      María José Fuenzalida, Bilingual Extension Educator in Dairy and Livestock ** **María José is on a leave of absence, please contact the Dane County Extension office at 608-224-3700.       Claire Strader, Educator in Organic Vegetables 608-224-3710 Claire Strader is the Organic Vegetable Educator for Dane County Extension and t […]
    • Mukdenia, <em>Mukdenia rossi</em> April 5, 2019

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