• June 2019 Dairy Situation & Outlook June 19, 2019
      Dairy Situation and Outlook, June 18, 2019 By Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension University of Wisconsin-Madison The good news is milk prices continue to improve. The Class III price which was as low as $13.89 in February will improve about $2.40 in June to around $16.30. The Class IV price which was as low as $15.48 […]
    • Manchu tubergourd’s (AKA golden creeper / Thladiantha dubia) June 17, 2019
      This is more of an FYI .. file to weird plants categories / invasives to watch for ... Kristin K in Waukesha got this one in a few weeks ago (June 5, 2019). See part of the email thread below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m quite sure that in image 0146 and 0147 you’ve got Manchu tubergourd’s (AKA golden creeper / Thladiantha dubia, Link) vegetative growth and its disti […]
    • Dairy Margin Coverage(DMC) Program June 12, 2019
      Sign-up period for the new USDA-FSA Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC program) begins June 17th. Looking for resources and strategies for your farm? Join County FSA Executive Director Jacob Vande Berg on Tuesday, June 25th at 1:00 pm in Room AE-205/206 of Extension Fond du Lac County to learn more about the program and resources to help consider sign-up strategies […]
    • Dairy Margin Coverage Program Informational Meeting June 11, 2019
      United States Department of Agriculture, Dane County Farm Service Agency and Dane County Extension Hosting Dairy Margin Coverage Program Informational Meeting. The meeting will be held on Monday, June 17th at 11:30 am at the Lyman F. Anderson Center, located at 5201 Fen Oak Drive Madison WI 53718 All dairy producers are encouraged to attend and participate. […]
    • Mission Values Vision May 31, 2019
      Mission The Extension Master Gardener Program educates, empowers, and supports volunteers to use university research-based information to extend the Wisconsin Idea, making a positive difference in lives and communities. Values Build with, not for: be inclusive with the people we want to see in the program.  Be culturally relevant. Have the community take par […]

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