• Carl Duley February 20, 2019
      Carl Duley has served as Buffalo County’s Agriculture Agent since 1985. He has recently been promoted to Professor.  Crop Production and Management is his primary area of focus. Carl has been a leader in the hops and malting barley programming that was created as a result of the increasing interest in growing hops and malting barley for the expanding the cra […]
    • Articles on Foliage Houseplants February 18, 2019
      There's not a lot still growing outside now, but we can still enjoy greenery indoors. There are a great diversity and overwhelming number of different houseplants grown for their attractive foliage that offer texture, pattern and even color to your interior decor. Read about some common and easy-to-grow foliage houseplants in these archived articles: […]
    • SARE Calls for Proposals for Professional Development and Graduate Student Grants February 15, 2019
      The NCR-SARE 2019 Professional Development Program call for proposals is now available. Proposals are due by 4pm, April 3, 2019. Word | PDF NCR-SARE’s Professional Development Program (PDP) provides funds for projects that provide sustainable agriculture training to agricultural professionals and educators in Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service […]
    • Winter brings challenging conditions for managing herd health, nutrition February 15, 2019
      January and February bring some of the coldest days of the year, and March can bring some of the snowiest. Cattle experience cold stress at different temperatures depending on conditions and coat length. The lower critical temperature (LCT) is an animal’s ability to withstand cold conditions. According to Penn State University Extension, the LCT is the tempe […]
      There are still a few days left to register!! This course is for anyone interested in VOLUNTEERING as a Master Gardener.  There are 12 class sessions and one additional orientation session. The orientation session is intended to answer any questions you have about the class and to complete required paperwork.  The course runs from March 5 – May 21, 2019, mee […]

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